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Strength + Performance Training


Strength Edge is not limited to any specific person or athlete, it is a mindset.  If you are passionate and committed to attaining a personal goal in health and performance, then Strength Edge can be your vessel.  Our philosophy is simple, with a strong mind you have the ability to manifest what your heart desires.  With a methodical approach to program design, the process is purposeful and based on a hybrid of modern and traditional methods.  There are no gimmicks, just raw development of the mind, body and spirit with expert guidance.

Jerry Hotarek, Founder


Athlete Management

Strength Edge Athletics provides full service athlete representation, family advising, and career path consulting.  We believe in the value of educating the athlete in linear progressions of possible career paths.  We place emphasis on servicing our athletes in an unmatched personal manner with care for their personal well being.  The overall objective is to foster a family culture centered on trust, loyalty, and friendship.  

Player Services and Family Advising

Having an experienced mentor as a guide through various levels can have an enormously positive impact on a player's confidence.   Choosing the right path can be a difficult process with the plethora of unknowns that present themselves.  Strength Edge Athletics is here to make the process simpler by helping the athlete navigate the best path for their personal development.  Our process has a great emphasis on developing essential life skills through: resume building, strong communication skills, and integrity.  

Navigating the Path

We strongly believe in making the right choices for personal development.  Often times, players and families become overly consumed with attaining elite status and/or accelerated development.  Our philosophy is parallel with the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) and practice our beliefs through the encouragement of making the best possible choices for personal development.  Athletes come in all different types of molds and because of this notion, each athlete has their own personal development path.  While each of our athletes have a different path, we help every one of them navigate their own journey with the universal goal in mind of maximizing potential.