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Junior Varsity Group 

Groups are limited to 3 or more athletes with a coach:athlete ratio of 1:6 or less.  

Athletes Age Range:  11-14

LTAD:  Learning to Train

The trainability window for this age group calls for development in: aerobic stamina, speed, athlete skills, and movement patterns.  Growth spurts should be monitored for any sudden changes and can last anywhere between 18-24 months.  Our main focus with the Junior Varsity Group is to enhance overall athleticism.  Athletes at this age are encouraged to play up to 3 sports that refine ambidextrous movements and coordination.  It is critical to avoid Early Youth Sport Specialization by staying on a path for long term development as a complete athlete.  

Session Framework:

  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Rhythm and Coordination
  • Spatial Awareness (multidirectional movements and plyometrics)
  • Recovery
  • Power Development and Agility
  • Strength Circuit
  • Cool Down Stretch

Psychological Development:

Long Term Goals - Encourage the athlete's ultimate goal as an athlete

Short Term Goals - Focus on development based on current level of athleticism and not competitiveness.


For 3 years, Jerry was my son’s coach in ice hockey and private lessons. He has had an enormously positive impact on my son’s development as an athlete and as a person. Jerry has a natural gift for coaching and especially team coaching. The time he takes to connect with each kid, brings about a deep respect that motivates them to play their best. In my very limited experience in the Bay Area, few coaches have that patience and level of understanding.
— Jennifer C, Parent