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The process begins with a consultation to get to know the person behind the athlete and their medical history.  Next comes their assessment which evaluates the following:  Tissue Quality, Flexibility, Strength, Mobility, Range of Motion, Speed, Endurance, Stability, and Technique. 


Once the assessment is complete, the athlete will receive a periodized training program specific to their goals discussed with the performance coach.  In addition, a nutrition program tailored to optimize training, meet their macronutrients intake, and dietary needs will also be provided.


The final component is now ready to be implemented once the plan is complete.  The athlete is now ready for hands on training with undivided attention from the performance coach to ensure that their program is being executed safely and effectively.

I have worked with trainers for over a decade now and firmly believe Jerry is one of the best in the business. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2012, I spent several months testing different trainers at various gyms. To be frank, I was disappointed. Then, one day I saw Jerry training an older woman who not only looked great, but had impeccable form. She might have been in her 60s, but she looked like a true athlete!
I asked him to squeeze me into his schedule—he was in demand and within a few sessions it was clear Jerry was—and remains—the best trainer I have ever worked with.
There are several reasons I feel this way, but to keep this brief I’ll focus on two characteristics that make Jerry and his approach a rare and valuable find.
First, he is professional. He is quick to respond to emails. He is clear on his expectations and often follows up. In the two years we’ve trained, he has yet to arrive a moment late to a session. Also remarkable, I have never seen him on his phone while we are training. This is rare in today’s era of infinite digital interruptions! The only time Jerry takes out his phone is to record my form.
Jerry is also highly educated in the science behind exercise. He knows the musculoskeletal system and doesn’t hesitate to correct my form, insist I properly stretch and check in on my diet and sleep habits—key components if you want results. And you will get results if you just follow his plan. I certainly did!
— Olivia Z., Bloomberg