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Varsity + College Group

Junior Varsity Group 

Groups are limited to 3 or more athletes with a coach:athlete ratio of 1:6 or less.  

Athletes Age Range:  15-18

LTAD:  Learn to Compete

The trainability window for this age group calls for development in: tissue quality, movement, aerobic stamina, strength, core strength, power, and speed (phase II).  Self confidence, physical fitness levels, and goal oriented focus is what is monitored for this age group.  Our priorities with this group (as in any other group) are: injury prevention and developing peak athleticism.  Training protocols are more intensive and specified to the athlete's primary sport.  Programs are designed to ensure progressive overload in training.

Session Framework:

  • Attention to Tissue Quality
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Power Development + Speed + Agility
  • Recovery
  • Large Muscle Group Development
  • Strength Circuit + Mobility + Accessory
  • Cool Down Stretch

Psychological Development:

  • Develop and refine mental preparation skills
  • Perform on demand and "game ready" skills
  • Using mental preparation to cope with emotional stress associated with the demands of competition
  • Goal setting and decision making
  • Ability to self coach and think outside the box


“I have known Jerry for about 6 years since I was a peewee.  I began training with him this past April, once he initiated the Strength Edge program.  After the first few weeks of training, I already had noticed the benefits of working out with Jerry’s program.  Working with Jerry prepared me tremendously for the Tri City Storm camp, and also for my first upcoming season in the USHL.  Jerry is very dedicated when it comes to the training of his athletes; he worked with me every morning at 10 AM all summer long.  

After my second year as a bantam, I was not sure as to where I wanted to play the next season.  Jerry helped me in deciding what team would benefit me the most as a player, and talked to numerous coaches for me.  I decided to go to Anaheim, and play two years of 16AAA.  This ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made, because I was very successful and able to make a name for myself out there.  Jerry has lots of experience over the years of how the next levels of hockey work, and is also very helpful if you have questions on how some things in the hockey world actually work.  

Overall, working with Jerry has only benefited me as both a hockey player and person.  He’s helped me develop a better work ethic and given me the strength and power I need to be successful on the ice.  I am really looking forward to working with him again this next off season.
”I have worked with Jerry over the last 4 years.  This Summer, we began an intensive Off Season program and in just a few weeks, I began to see the workouts translate to increased performance on the ice.  Every session with Jerry is very challenging, but I knew that the work would be worth it.”

— Justin Dixson, UMASS Amherst Commit